Thursday, February 24, 2011


So, with the addition of baby king into our house... we will be losing our office-slash-guest room. For the time being I'm leaving the computer desk as is, since baby will most likely be snuggling with us for a few months anyways! But eventually it'll have to be relocated, and our house is feeling smaller and smaller!

Our options right now will be:

1. Move it into our master bedroom. Which also doubles as Logan's tv and playroom. Hmm.

2. Add a family room/den onto the back of the house. Love this idea... but it'll take time. And money. So it could be a lengthy process! orrr

3. We have about a 5'x3' closet space in our laundry room, that we could turn into a closet-office.
I'm leaning towards #3 at the moment! Here are some closet-turned-office spaces I found online that I'm in love with! Hoping to re-create one of these bad boys with some fun paint or wallpaper and shelving!

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