Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, I know I'm being incredibly optimistic, but I reallyyyy hope to get a few projects accomplished during my 8 weeks of maternity leave! I'm SO looking forward to some time off work, even though I know I'll have my hands full with a newborn and a almost-4-year-old who will be home with me. Other than being home with Logan for his first 6 weeks, I've always worked a full time job, so this will be a little mini-experience of being a "stay at home mom" for a short while. And to be honest, 8 weeks will probably be all I can handle!

One thing I really hope to accomplish is a creating a photo wall somewhere in my house. With pretty pretty frames. I have tons of pictures that I don't have room to put anywhere, and I'll have a ton more after baby arrives. I've never committed because I'm scared I will put all those holes in the wall, and then change my mind! But, I'm hoping to finally get this done...maybe in the living room over our sofa? Nice frames are so expensive, so I'm thinking I'll just do an assortment of different sizes and styles that I find here and there. Maybe spray paint them all the same color? And I have a really cool wooden letter "K" that I want to incorporate into the mix! Here's some inspiration!

...wish me luck!