Wednesday, February 16, 2011

These are a few of my favorite (baby!) things...

I love anything baby/kid related that helps me stay organized or is convienent!

Two of my favorite websites/catalogs for baby and kids stuff is Land of Nod and One Step Ahead. I love all the unique kid and baby items they have. So here are a few of my favorites!

This hand-dandy little spoon holds one jar of baby food. Umm...can you say awesome? No mess, I love it! Plus, how convienent is that to fill up in advance and stick in the diaper bag for the restraunt?

I love these bookcases and cubbys! I have one in Logans room and its so great for teaching him how to keep all his toys organized. He knows that cars go in the blue basket, books go in the brown basket, etc. Plus, no matter how many times he sits/falls on them, they pop right back into shape without breaking! One of my favorite purchases, I hope to get another set for baby king's room!

Ok, so not really that big of a deal... but whoever invented these was a genius! You can pretty much find a version of these anywhere, but still one of my favorites. Helps to keep Logan from squeezing juice boxes when he's holding them! I bought one of these kid-sized aerobeds the first time we took Logan on vacation as a toddler. It blows up in about 30 seconds and the sides are slightly raised so little ones won't roll off. It has a travel bag, and is so convenient for traveling!

I love this baby food caddy... it holds a ton of baby food jars in the pantry, and when you don't need it for baby food anymore... you can use it for a spice rack!

I have to have this car organizer once baby comes! It fits right in between two car seats and holds pretty much anything. My car is already a mess now with just Logan, so I can't imagine how bad it'll be here in a few months! The cool thing about this is that the top folds down and doubles as a food tray!

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