Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Party Ideas

Logan's 4th birthday is coming up... okay, really its still 4 months away, but I want to get a head start planning since I will also be taking care of a newborn when the occassion rolls around! I have a super, fantastic idea for a theme for his party... but he isn't buying it. He wants a Thomas the Train party even though thats what we had last year. *sigh* Hopefully I can convince him to change his mind! Here's my idea...

Theme: Cat in the Hat/ Dr. Suess (he actually really likes Cat in the Hat...justttt not as much as he likes Thomas).

I would do red, blue and white decorations. In addition to a regular bday cake, I would like red and blue cupcakes with little rhymes on top (similar to these):

As a keepsake, I wanted to get Dr. Suess' "Happy Birthday to You" book and have all the guests sign it and write a special birthday message.

For favors, instead of the usual annoying little "goody bags" (which I secretly hate, just a plastic bag full of expensive junk that no one really wants anyways)... I wanted to give each kid a Dr. Suess book to take home.

And if I wanted to be really cliche, I suppose I could serve some form of green eggs and ham.

Oh! And of course, Logan would get to wear a red and white top striped top hat. Now I just have a whole lot of convincin' to do. If not, my second child is definitely getting a Dr. Suess party next year. He/She will be too young to object!

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