Friday, March 9, 2012

So much to do, so little time.

I desperately need to get organized! Here are some projects that I really need to accomplish soon!...

Scrapbooking and/or Shutterfly books. Haven't scrapbooked anything since December 2010. FAIL. Pregnancy, holidays, birthdays, baby, and so much more, is waiting to be scrapbooked all nice and pretty. Brody is almost 1, so I need to get on that sooner rather than later.

Organize/decorate Brody's room. Poor kid. Don't most parents decorate the nursery before they come home from the hospital? The rate I'm going, his room might be 100% by his birthday.

Go spring shopping. I'm beginning to think that little elves snuck into my closet while I was sleeping and shrunk all of my clothes. That totally happens, right? I mean why else wouldn't they fit?!

Stain the deck and re-gravel driveway. Think I'll delegate that to the hubby.

Hang photo collage in dining room. I have the frames. I have the pictures. Why hasn't this happened yet?!

Decide on paint color for living room. And paint it.

Clean out junk drawer(s). (I just typed drunk drawer, LOL). Instead of a million receipe cards and print outs- organize them in a binder or (if I'm really feeling fancy), cute little shutterfly book.

Buy easter baskets and put together. I've at least started on this one. Got a few things together, just need to get baskets and finish them!

Plan birthday parties. Thats right, not one but TWO back-to-back parties. These kids are going to break me... Need to:

1. Pick a theme (Brody)
2. Book bowling alley (Logan)
3. Figure out cake ideas (both)
4. Order decorations and invites
5. Figure out present ideas. (Stumped on this one. 5 year olds are hard!)

Ok, at least now I have a game plan. Now if only I could take a week off work to get it all done....

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