Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My boys.

These two kiddos right here have my heart, forever and ever. They are growing up so fast and I'm so proud of their little daily accomplishments.

Logan- he is SO like his Daddy. Not only in looks, but he is stubborn, and a know-it-all, but he also has a warm heart. He is the second pickiest eater in the house (next to Daddy), but we do still have a few things in common. He is my fellow board-game and game-show lover. He likes to watch Hollywood Game Night, Wheel of Fortune, and Family Feud with me. And he always wants to play board games. Now that he's older its been fun teaching him more "grown-up" games like rummy, phase ten, and yahtzee. He is so smart. He had his first "real" test last week- spelling and multiple choice- and he aced it! :) Definitely hanging onto that one for the scrapbook! So hard to believe he is six years old and in first grade, seems like just yesterday he was a baby. I'm so proud of him.

Brody- To sum it up in one word... hellraiser. Not sure which parent he gets that from. But he loves FOOD, just like Mommy. He would rather share a salad with me than a happy meal. And he loves to mess with all of my things, and play dress up with anything he can find. He's been wearing his older brother's watch for the past week, even sleeping in it. He loves costumes. And animals- he really loves animals. Specifically bears, and elephants, and moo moo cows, and horsies, and birds. He is so destructive lately, but that smile wins me over every time. He's so smart and grown up. He skipped over so many "baby" things because he wants to be just like brother. He refuses to drink out of sippy cup and wants a "real" cup, and he hasn't ridden in a stroller since he started walking. Love him to pieces, my little momma's boy.

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