Friday, February 10, 2012

my new years "to-do" list...

(because I'm not ready to commit to "resolutions" just yet)

A month late, but better late than never, right? Here are a few things I would like to work towards accomplishing this year!

1. Become a better cook...practice makes perfect? I will attempt to fix less frozen dinners, do less ordering out, and sandwiches, and try my hand at actually cooking dinner. Yikes.

2. Redecorate the house. Room by room, I will slowly get there.

3. Not use credit cards...ever. If it can't be paid with for in cash (or debit card, more likely) ain't happenin'! Kind of puts a damper on #2, doesn't it?

4. Become more organized. Every aspect of my life needs better organization... closets, kids toys, pictures, documents, cleaning supplies.... you name it!

5. Take more pictures of the kids. My camera always seems to be MIA when I need it most.

6. Try my hand at a few pinterest-inspired DIY (DIM?) projects. Spray paint and glue gun, here I come!

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